Cyfa Management Team

Cyfa Management Team


Dedicated to the music.

All in a days work. We want to hear your music everywhere.
All in a days work. We want to hear your music everywhere.

Welcome Home

Are you a music artist and have no idea where to start. Have you been told all your life that you have star qualities but you never knew if you really had what it takes? Well welcome to Cyfa Management Team where your music matters. Take a tour through our site to see what we've been up to.

Motivation is Key

So you got this sound and you don't know where to start? Dont't fret Cyfa Management is focused on making sure that our artist see personal growth. We have members that are here not only to guide you but allow you to reach goals that you set for yourself. Our goal is your goal all we wanna do is see you become the star you already are.

La Jefenita

Lady Cyfa is the woman behind the team. Cyfa not only is the Ceo of Cyfa Management but she is also an artist. Through her musical journey she has face many obstacles that to most  may be discouraging yet to her it's a checkpoint. This woman believes that no one should be denied the right to share their talent with the world. Becoming part of main stream media isn't easy so she dedicates her time into building platforms where indie artists can be recognized and hey maybe even find their big break.

Meet The Artists

Legendary Chubbz

Legendary Chubbz is an independent artist who is devoted to getting his music on the main wave. He is a native to the home of hip hop culture, South Bronx NYC. Chubbz has been doing music on underground platforms where he worked his way up; Now he is more focused on mainstream radio and networking with other dope artists. Chubbz is a member of Shark Tank Ent. and representing his squad with honors. To connect more with Chubbz follow him on instagram @Iconchubbz